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Fireplaces are


Smokeless Indoor Fireplace

Ambiance Made Easy





Why Choose FLIKR?

Innovative Design

We invented the category and we continue to push it forward. With proprietary cement and patented lid and base technology, innovation defines who we are.

Quality Craftsmanship

We make our products by hand in Georgia. We stand by them and you should too. Expect your Flikr to last a lifetime

Beautiful Moments

We exist to elevate your moments. Whether you light alone or with friends, make a moment to treasure.


"I love this for s’mores and just sitting and watching. Easy to use and cute"

- Kimberly Lovingood

"This thing feels and looks premium, works quite well as a mini fireplace"

- Shopper

"Well made and fun to use."

- Shopper

"Love the Xl. Puts out a beautiful flame."

- Shopper